Take Responsibility for Your Carbon Footprint! Here’s What We Did.

  1. Calculate Your Emissions: The first step to a responsible approach to your carbon footprint is to find out exactly how many emissions were caused by your activities. to do this, you can use the emissions calculator from our compensation partner wilderness international. 

2. Compensate by Protecting Wild Rainforest: Rainforests store large amounts of carbon in their biomass. By protecting them, we prevent the release of stored carbon dioxide and preserve other crucial functions of forests that benefit our climate. And at the same time, we protect precious habitat and biodiversity forever!

3. Donate to a Compensation Partner: In order to promote responsible and climate friendly actions, we decided to donate the return of all Company Tickets to our compensation partner Wilderness International. We welcome all participants of GoGlobal.Green to check out what they do and to take the next step on their individual sustainability journey. Companies that are certified as emission-neutral already and prove that after their registration participate for free!