Hosting an Event Online Can Be Challenging. Find Out What Solutions We Came up with!

  1. Hopin Virtual Event Venue: When it comes to hosting an online event the platform Hopin allows virtual yet immersive and interactive experiences. For us the perfect translation of offline formats into an online setting. Take a look around the expo area, listen to inspiring speakers on stage or engage in stimulating discussions in one of the sessions. Hopin offers everything an offline event also has except plastic lanyards – and we love it!
  2. Matchmaking: Like in online dating, we will connect destinations with companies that are interested in each other. Get in contact with your Top matches – Not seeing each other in person is no obstacle to making a connection.
  3. Hopin Expo Booths: Your own space to interact with new customers. Display videos, presentations or anything you can do in front of your camera! Virtual booths fit more people then a tiny cardboard box at a real convention. Plus they allow for a huge variety of materials: videos, presentations, memes, or anything you can do in front of your camera! Get creative!