Have a look at our Wilderness Protection Certificate:

Earlier this year, we told you about the steps we went through to compensate our emissions from the GoGlobal.Green 2021 online event. Now we Are finally certified emission Compensators! You can re-read the detailed blog post here. As a short recap, here is what we did to receive our certificate:

  1. Calculate the emissions with a carbon footprint calculator.
  2. Compensate by protecting the wild rainforest.
  3. Donate to a compensation partner.

During this process, we realized the following: the carbon footprint of this digital conference was comparatively small. That is of course due to the fact that the emissions caused by traveling, hotel accommodations and hosting of the guests are simply saved. So, running an online event not only has advantages in terms of purview and flexibility, but also in terms of climate protection.

Nevertheless, we have of course also compensated for the rather small amount of emissions and are now proud sponsors of 16 sqm of tropical rainforest in Peru’s eastern Amazonia. This area contains as much biomass as is needed to absorb our produced emissions – which are 0,96 t carbon dioxide. With this sponsorship, we support our compensation partner Wilderness International in preventing the release of this stored amount of emissions, since they hold a legal title over the land. At the same time, we are now contributing to the protection of this small patch of rainforest, including its unique habitat. The lazy sloths and aztec ants surely appreciate this!