We are only a few weeks away from kicking-off of our second GoGlobal.Green online conference. Being completely focused on the event preparations, we cannot wait to spend a super exciting, educational and valuable time with the participants!

Our Adventurous Program

Like last time, we want to cover and focus on as many continents as possible without the different time zones getting in the way! The following dates and times are relevant for you:

Tuesday, 22. March 2022, starting 8:00 am CET: Asia & Pacific

Wednesday, 23. March 2022, starting 9:00 am CET: Africa & Europe

Thursday, 24. March 2022, starting 3:00 pm CET: The Americas

Our Diverse Conference Formats

Thanks to the following GoGlobal.Green formats, there will be numerous opportunities to gain insights into new markets, exchange internationalization experiences and make cross-sector contacts at the event:

#1 Stories

This exciting 15′-format particularly aims at sharing internationalization experiences with the GoGlobal.Green participants. The spectrum of questions addressed in those stories ranges from: “What do we do and how did we go global?” to “How did we become the hot spot for industry x in region y?” Both representatives of start-ups and forward-thinking regions will have their say. Additionally, each story will be followed by a 5′-Q&A session.

During the last few week, we have received a few interesting applications following our call for speakers. Do you have any last-minute ideas about what insights you would like to share with the participants? Then apply quickly using this form or nominate another person you would like to see on our stage!

#2 Panels

In this format, it is no longer just individuals who present themselves, but there is a lively group discussion about a specific topic. The 30′-panels can be sector-specific, e.g. on Smart Manufacturing, or region-specific, e.g. on the country of India. Again, diverse people meet on the GoGlobal.Green stage – from start-ups that are active in a certain industry to representatives of forward-thinking regions. You can integrate yourself at any time, join in the discussion and ask questions you have always wondered about.

#3 Networking

What would a networking event be without the opportunity and above all the time to get to know the other participants? There will be 30′ slots between the other formats to make valuable contacts and exchange ideas via our GoGlobal.Green event platform. This will take place in one-on-one speed networking sessions, in which you can talk via call with a representative of a region or with a representative of a start-up. If it’s a match, contact details can be exchanged on the spot.

In addition to this format, we offer our Match Making service – as we did last time. Companies registering for GoGlobal.Green should indicate in advance which participating regions they are specifically interested in. We will then connect destinations and companies directly. This way, regions can already get in touch with their top matches during or after the conference.

#4 Deep Dive

Does the region offer special incentive programs for companies and start-ups? How does the tax framework look like? Are there any legal structures that differ from those in my home country? Are there any market entry barriers?

These and many other questions are usually asked before entering a market in another country. Our Deep Dive format makes it possible to discuss these local peculiarities directly with regional representatives. After all, who knows their region better than they do? This 60′ format will be structured like a workshop.