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The Exciting GoGlobal.Green Program and Formats

We are only a few weeks away from kicking-off of our second GoGlobal.Green online conference. Being completely focused on the event preparations, we cannot wait to spend a super exciting, educational and valuable time with the participants!

Our Adventurous Program

Like last time, we want to cover and focus on as many continents as possible without the different time zones getting in the way! The following dates and times are relevant for you:

Tuesday, 22. March 2022, starting 8:00 am CET: Asia & Pacific

Wednesday, 23. March 2022, starting 9:00 am CET: Africa & Europe

Thursday, 24. March 2022, starting 3:00 pm CET: The Americas

Our Diverse Conference Formats

Thanks to the following GoGlobal.Green formats, there will be numerous opportunities to gain insights into new markets, exchange internationalization experiences and make cross-sector contacts at the event:

#1 Stories

This exciting 15′-format particularly aims at sharing internationalization experiences with the GoGlobal.Green participants. The spectrum of questions addressed in those stories ranges from: “What do we do and how did we go global?” to “How did we become the hot spot for industry x in region y?” Both representatives of start-ups and forward-thinking regions will have their say. Additionally, each story will be followed by a 5′-Q&A session.

During the last few week, we have received a few interesting applications following our call for speakers. Do you have any last-minute ideas about what insights you would like to share with the participants? Then apply quickly using this form or nominate another person you would like to see on our stage!

#2 Panels

In this format, it is no longer just individuals who present themselves, but there is a lively group discussion about a specific topic. The 30′-panels can be sector-specific, e.g. on Smart Manufacturing, or region-specific, e.g. on the country of India. Again, diverse people meet on the GoGlobal.Green stage – from start-ups that are active in a certain industry to representatives of forward-thinking regions. You can integrate yourself at any time, join in the discussion and ask questions you have always wondered about.

#3 Networking

What would a networking event be without the opportunity and above all the time to get to know the other participants? There will be 30′ slots between the other formats to make valuable contacts and exchange ideas via our GoGlobal.Green event platform. This will take place in one-on-one speed networking sessions, in which you can talk via call with a representative of a region or with a representative of a start-up. If it’s a match, contact details can be exchanged on the spot.

In addition to this format, we offer our Match Making service – as we did last time. Companies registering for GoGlobal.Green should indicate in advance which participating regions they are specifically interested in. We will then connect destinations and companies directly. This way, regions can already get in touch with their top matches during or after the conference.

#4 Deep Dive

Does the region offer special incentive programs for companies and start-ups? How does the tax framework look like? Are there any legal structures that differ from those in my home country? Are there any market entry barriers?

These and many other questions are usually asked before entering a market in another country. Our Deep Dive format makes it possible to discuss these local peculiarities directly with regional representatives. After all, who knows their region better than they do? This 60′ format will be structured like a workshop.


Apply now for the CoInnovation GHN x GER Competition!

We would like to proudly introduce you to our latest collaborative initiative: the innovation competition “CoInnovation GHN x GER Edition“. Learn all about the competition itself, the application process and your benefits in this article.

Logo CoInnovation GHN x GER

What is the innovation competition?

The innovation competition “CoInnovation GER x GHN Edition” is aimed at mixed teams of startups from Ghana and Germany. It arose from a networking project supported by the German Corporation for International Cooperation (“Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit”). The regional focus is on Kumasi and Tamale in Ghana and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. The competition aims to jointly develop innovative project approaches in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that make practical contributions to the economic and social development (especially of the North) of Ghana.

Who can apply?

For the innovation competition we distinguish between two applicant groups:

  1. Applicant tandem consisting of a German and Ghanaian start-up / SME: you already have contacts to Germany or Ghana and know exactly with which partner you want to implement a project.
  2. Solo applicant: a German or Ghanaian start-up / SME would like to submit a project for the innovation but has no concrete partner from the other country at hand.

The start-up / SME must meet the following criteria:

  • profit or non-profit organization 
  • not older than 7 years
  • max. 20 full-time employees

What is being funded?

The innovation competition is intended to fund projects that pursue the following goals/criteria:

  • A cooperation between German and Ghanaian start-ups is to be initiated, which creates synergies for both parties.         
  • Both companies are involved in the implementation of the project.
  • The prize money will be used exclusively for the implementation of the project.
  • New innovation opportunities are initiated.
  • The project contributes to the achievement at least one or more SDGs.
  • The project contributes to the economic and social development of Northern Ghana.

What is the application process?

The application process is based on the respective applicant group:

  1. Tandem applicants: The competition phase begins with the announcement of the call for proposals. The application deadline is 25/03/2022.
  2. Solo applicants: The competition phase is divided into three stages.
    By 28/02/2022, the applicants must have completed the project outlines and the “Search Partner” form and sent them to the e-mail address below.
    By 10/03/2022, we will review the solo applicants received and match and introduce each other to suitable other applicants based on the partner requirement.
    By 25/03/2022, the matched tandem must compile, revise, and submit the remaining project materials.

Read more about the needed application documents and the evaluation phase on our website.

What are the benefits of participating?

  • Valuable contacts: Even if you are not selected as one of the top 3 teams, you can gain meaningful contacts through the innovation competition.
  • Development of your business model: With the help of the elaboration of your project sketches, you can re-challenge your current business model and accordingly work out points that can improve it.
  • Prize money: The three first-place winners will receive a reward of €10,000 each, as well as coaching for the further development and implementation of their project idea.

Sounds like something that is worth applying for to you? What are you waiting for?

If you have any questions concerning the innovation competition “CoInnovation GHN x GER Edition” do not hesitate to contact us via info@goglobal.green.

Meet our fantastic Network Partners!

What would a sustainable networking conference be without network partners who contribute their time, contacts and expertise? We are beyond grateful for the support from the following organizations:

#1 Impact Hub Inverness

Scotland’s first Impact Hub was established in 2017. It is a place for innovation, collaboration and co-working in the centre of Inverness. As it is imprinted on the logo, the organization was set up to support the development and growth of social enterprises across ‘the Highlands and Islands’. Our network partner especially focuses on finding solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ‘Good Health and Well-being’, ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth’ and ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’.

#2 Wilderness International

This name has already been mentioned a few times in the last weeks and months. That is because Wilderness International is not only our network partner, but also supported GoGlobal.Green in compensating our emissions from the digital conference in 2021. The goal of the non-profit foundation is to protect unique wilderness areas for future generations. Since its founding in 2008, the organization was able to conserve more than 4.5 million square meters of valuable and endangered rainforest in Canada and Peru.

#3 Green Alley Award

In 2014 Landbell Group initiated the Green Alley Award, Europe’s first startup prize for the circular economy. Initially starting out as a waste disposal company, the Landbell Group has developed into a global service provider for environmental and chemical compliance. We already reported on the Green Alley Award about a month ago, when the hot phase of applications began for the eighth time in a row. Now our network partner is busy screening the numerous applications of innovative and sustainable start-ups before they are published on its website for public voting.

#4 Soft Land Partners

Our next network partner is dedicated to helping international companies successfully enter and scale in new countries and markets. The Soft Land Partners (SLP) network is a consortium of professional soft landing service providers, market-entry companies and support organizations from all over the world. Thus, they are pursuing the same goal as our GoGlobal.Green conference: to create a platform for international companies, start-ups and forward-thinking regions to get in contact with each other and create valuable connections to reduce market entry barriers.

#5 DE Hub Initiative

What does twelve digital hubs spread across Germany add up to? That’s right, a strong network that enables the exchange of technological and economic expertise, programs and ideas.

At each of these twelve digital hubs, start-ups, companies and research come together to find joint answers to the challenges and opportunities of digitalization. New solutions for industry-relevant fields such as artificial intelligence, mobility and smart infrastructure are developed in various innovation programs. They unfold digital potential – by combining innovative start-up ideas with the know-how of established companies and scientific excellence.

Are you also interested to become one of GoGlobal.Green’s media – or network partners? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

Meet our wonderful GoGlobal.Green Co-Hosts!

2021 was the year of the very first edition of GoGlobal.Green. Our small team kick-started an event that supports green and innovative companies. Now we are ready to grow – just like the companies we want to push.

#1 Sebastián Bustamante – South America

Meet Sebastián, our co-host for South America. With his 12+ years of experience developing entrepreneurial ecosystems, through incubation, acceleration and scaling programs he is THE expert when it comes to boosting forward thinking destinations. Additionally, he can contribute his knowledge as a program manager and start up supporter to the conference. As an entrepreneur, Sebastián received a total of eleven awards! He co-founded two operating companies, one of them being Impact Hub Medellín which he currently leads as director. Based in Europe, Sebastián is in charge of developing relations between the EU and Latam ecosystems.

But why is Sebastián so eager to be part of GoGlobal.Green? He and his Impact Hub team are constantly working on creating and enhancing opportunities for their local impact ecosystem. Therefore they see the event as a relevant tool to expose the international ecosystem to Medellin’s local talent and innovation.

#2 Gina Babinec – Canada

Say hi to Gina! She is the Head of Programs and Partnerships at Impact Hub Ottawa, a community and collaborative co-working space designed to empower change-makers striving to build a more just and sustainable world. Building on a background in gender and social policy, Gina is committed to creating brave spaces for connection and collaboration across diverse perspectives and sectors, both in-person and virtually.

Gina is very enthusiastic to participate in the GoGlobal.Green conference as one of our co-hosts because she and her Impact Hub team would love to build more partnerships with green businesses and regions near them. So, anyone who shares their vision of a better future for the world, and the region of Ottawa in particular, is welcome to join!

#3 Martin Jähnert – Europe

Meet Martin! He is Managing Partner of the Impact Hub Leipzig. Situated at the crossroads of two old European trades routes, Leipzig has been birthplace and point of arrival for new concepts and products for centuries. Nowadays it’s a welcoming (and the fastest growing) city in Germany. Martin and his team live co-creation and eye-level exchange, and are connecting other European ecosystems to the conference.

Martin is looking forward to be a part of the GoGlobal.Green conference because his vision and goal is to help sustainable grow and rise to – at some point – make great solutions available to the eight billion people currently living on earth. And where’s there a better place to start this ambitious plan than at an international event like GoGlobal.Green, right?

#4 James Arthur-Amoah – Africa

Say hi to James! He is the Director of Administration and Projects at the Social Entrepreneurship Hub located in Ghana. The SE Hub is an enterprise support organization that uses the effectual principles and the SDGs as guides to assist startups. James has valuable experience and knowledge in diverse sectors such as Education and Research, Healthcare, Finance, Agritech and Project management. His engagement with both international and local stakeholders is evident in his ability to collaborate and foster effective and efficient partnerships. He believes that given the right support, knowledge, and direction, the world is going to be a better place for us all.

James decided to join our GoGlobal.Green co-host team to draw attention to Ghana’s green economy as well as to make meaningful connections with like-minded people.

Are you also interested to become a GoGlobal.Green co-host? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

The Green Alley Award – now is your time to apply!

Win €25,000 to boost your circular economy startup across Europe!

Latest news on climate change send a clear message: It’s time to act! Not only for civil society and politics, but also for the economy. The Green Alley Award celebrates those businesses that are actually working towards a change – with a smart business idea, with a truly ecological product, with a digital tool or green technology enabling a circular economy. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit they are counting on to save the world of tomorrow.

For the eighth time this year, Green Alley Award is eager to learn which ingenious solutions the entrepreneurial world has in store for us. And they are pleased to reward this courage for innovation: Startups sending their pitch deck before 23rd November 2021 get the chance to win €25,000 and meet valuable business contacts!

Who are they looking for?

Do you want to put a stop to the linear economy with its “take, make, dispose” principle? Great! Green Alley Award welcomes startups in their early and growth stages no older than 5 years. Your business based in Europe should engage in waste prevention, recycling or digital technologies.

How to apply and until when?

The application phase ends on 23rd November 2021. Simply visit our apply page and upload your pitch deck. To maximize your chances, make sure your pitch deck follows our guidelines.

A pre-selected number of startups will be put on the Green Alley Award’s website for a public vote. The startup with the majority of the votes will be automatically amongst the six finalists. The remaining five will be selected by our expert committee.

When will the Grande Finale take place?

On 28th April 2022, the six finalists will be invited to Berlin, where they will meet circular economy and startup experts in working sessions. In the evening, each of the finalists will have the chance to pitch their idea live on stage. An international jury elects the winner who will receive €25,000.

What does this have to do with GoGlobal.Green?

You are interested in the circular economy and would like to know more about our support to startups? You are not a startup, but would also like to meet circular economy experts and entrepreneurs at the Grande Finale in Berlin?
Visit the Green Alley Award booth at the GoGlobal.Green conference on 22nd – 24th March 2022 and learn more about Europe’s first startup prize! 

We Are Finally Certified Emission Compensators!

Have a look at our Wilderness Protection Certificate:

Earlier this year, we told you about the steps we went through to compensate our emissions from the GoGlobal.Green 2021 online event. Now we Are finally certified emission Compensators! You can re-read the detailed blog post here. As a short recap, here is what we did to receive our certificate:

  1. Calculate the emissions with a carbon footprint calculator.
  2. Compensate by protecting the wild rainforest.
  3. Donate to a compensation partner.

During this process, we realized the following: the carbon footprint of this digital conference was comparatively small. That is of course due to the fact that the emissions caused by traveling, hotel accommodations and hosting of the guests are simply saved. So, running an online event not only has advantages in terms of purview and flexibility, but also in terms of climate protection.

Nevertheless, we have of course also compensated for the rather small amount of emissions and are now proud sponsors of 16 sqm of tropical rainforest in Peru’s eastern Amazonia. This area contains as much biomass as is needed to absorb our produced emissions – which are 0,96 t carbon dioxide. With this sponsorship, we support our compensation partner Wilderness International in preventing the release of this stored amount of emissions, since they hold a legal title over the land. At the same time, we are now contributing to the protection of this small patch of rainforest, including its unique habitat. The lazy sloths and aztec ants surely appreciate this!

A Sustainable Event? Is This Even Possible?

We think YES! Check out our 3 best practice tips.

  1. Host your event in the virtual world: One option to host a sustainable event. Events in real life are a huge source for emissions and waste that can be reduced massively by going online. Another advantage of holding your event online is that it’s inclusive to more people: You’ll be able to reach people from all over the globe, from all different time zones. Even audiences that would not have the resources or the time to come can join your event if it is online.
  2. Compensate your emissions: Compensating for the amount of emissions your event emitted is a good way to take responsibility. With Wilderness International we found a compensation partner that takes a holistic and long-term approach to the issue of carbon compensation. According to the amount of emissions a corresponding area of rainforest is being protected that stores large amounts of carbon in their biomass. The release of stored carbon dioxide can be prevented and and at the same time, precious habitat and biodiversity as well as crucial functions of forests are preserved to benefit our climate.
  3. Work with likeminded parties: To promote our dream of a climate friendly event, companies that are operating emission-neutral and prove that after their registration get to participate for free! For those who are not, we decided to donate the return of all Company Tickets to our compensation partner Wilderness International. We welcome every participant to check out their work and take the next step on their individual sustainability journey. Because going global only works through sustainable and responsible growth considering the future of our planet.

What does an online summit look like? How can offline formats be translated in online events?

Hosting an Event Online Can Be Challenging. Find Out What Solutions We Came up with!

  1. Hopin Virtual Event Venue: When it comes to hosting an online event the platform Hopin allows virtual yet immersive and interactive experiences. For us the perfect translation of offline formats into an online setting. Take a look around the expo area, listen to inspiring speakers on stage or engage in stimulating discussions in one of the sessions. Hopin offers everything an offline event also has except plastic lanyards – and we love it!
  2. Matchmaking: Like in online dating, we will connect destinations with companies that are interested in each other. Get in contact with your Top matches – Not seeing each other in person is no obstacle to making a connection.
  3. Hopin Expo Booths: Your own space to interact with new customers. Display videos, presentations or anything you can do in front of your camera! Virtual booths fit more people then a tiny cardboard box at a real convention. Plus they allow for a huge variety of materials: videos, presentations, memes, or anything you can do in front of your camera! Get creative!

What Is the Carbon Footprint of an Event? And What Can We Do About It?

Take Responsibility for Your Carbon Footprint! Here’s What We Did.

  1. Calculate Your Emissions: The first step to a responsible approach to your carbon footprint is to find out exactly how many emissions were caused by your activities. to do this, you can use the emissions calculator from our compensation partner wilderness international. 

2. Compensate by Protecting Wild Rainforest: Rainforests store large amounts of carbon in their biomass. By protecting them, we prevent the release of stored carbon dioxide and preserve other crucial functions of forests that benefit our climate. And at the same time, we protect precious habitat and biodiversity forever!

3. Donate to a Compensation Partner: In order to promote responsible and climate friendly actions, we decided to donate the return of all Company Tickets to our compensation partner Wilderness International. We welcome all participants of GoGlobal.Green to check out what they do and to take the next step on their individual sustainability journey. Companies that are certified as emission-neutral already and prove that after their registration participate for free!

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