We think YES! Check out our 3 best practice tips.

  1. Host your event in the virtual world: One option to host a sustainable event. Events in real life are a huge source for emissions and waste that can be reduced massively by going online. Another advantage of holding your event online is that it’s inclusive to more people: You’ll be able to reach people from all over the globe, from all different time zones. Even audiences that would not have the resources or the time to come can join your event if it is online.
  2. Compensate your emissions: Compensating for the amount of emissions your event emitted is a good way to take responsibility. With Wilderness International we found a compensation partner that takes a holistic and long-term approach to the issue of carbon compensation. According to the amount of emissions a corresponding area of rainforest is being protected that stores large amounts of carbon in their biomass. The release of stored carbon dioxide can be prevented and and at the same time, precious habitat and biodiversity as well as crucial functions of forests are preserved to benefit our climate.
  3. Work with likeminded parties: To promote our dream of a climate friendly event, companies that are operating emission-neutral and prove that after their registration get to participate for free! For those who are not, we decided to donate the return of all Company Tickets to our compensation partner Wilderness International. We welcome every participant to check out their work and take the next step on their individual sustainability journey. Because going global only works through sustainable and responsible growth considering the future of our planet.