GoGlobal.Green Conference


The GoGlobal.Green Conference brings together impactful ventures with the world’s premier destinations to facilitate both sustainable growth and actions towards the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Come join us to scale success and to increase impact!

About GoGlobal.Green

Think global, act local? Great idea! But once you act local successfully, you should go global with your sustainable actions! Find out about where to go next with your green venture! Or show green ventures why they should take their next steps in your region! At the GoGlobal.Green Conference we bring great ideas to great places. With hands-on handpicked matchmaking and exchange on eye-level. Because your citizens deserve it. Because your customers deserve to be served. 

For your destination

Your region is a great ecosystem to run a business or to do business in?

You want to show what makes your municipality, your district, your metropolitan area, your state or even your country the best place for innovative ventures to go to?

You would like to present your pilot project possibilities, your needs for solutions or the great unfair advantages your infrastructure offers?

The GoGlobal.Green conference will highlight the world’s best places to visit as a venture during our three days conference.

Make sure to secure the best spots and register today.

We’re looking forward to boosting your region!

For your venture

You have a company that is interested in exploring new markets?
You act local, but your solution should go global?

At the GoGlobal.Green Conference, we invite destinations from all over the world to show you what makes them tick, what makes them special, and how they support new ventures in entering their market.

The GoGlobal.Green conference will be focusing on different markets in Asia & the Pacific, Europe & Africa, and the Americas.

We strive to make this a value adding event for all sides. So sign up and get exposure in our conference.

CO2 neutral or CO2 positive ventures participate free of charge!

We’re looking forward to your participation!


Learn from the best! Keynotes feature inspiring minds sharing the paths of maximizing impact through success stories in their region, covering a wide range of topics. These powerful presentations are the center of the GoGlobal.Green Conference.

Networking Sessions

Networking Sessions offer one-on-one catch-ups with high caliber representatives of the destinations to help you make connections and get started with your business. Or meet fellow entrepreneurs face-to-face to share your experience with exploring new markets.

Deep Dives

In the Deep Dives, the destinations target market entry related topics like entry & residence, legal structures, tax framework, business establishment or employment models. You'll learn about business development and sales, incentive programs, location scouting or recruitment in the specific destinations.

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